Young & Getting Started

Young & Getting Started

At this stage of your life you are either just starting out in the work force or in the early stages of your chosen career path or profession. You are likely spending the majority of your income on lifestyle expenses and thinking about saving for certain lifestyle assets such as a car or deposit on your first home.

You may think because you are young you have plenty of time to be thinking about your finances and this is not high on your list of priorities. However now is the perfect time to put in place some basic financial measures and strategies for your long term financial success.

So what can you do and what should you be thinking about at this stage in your financial life and how can we help you achieve your financial goals?

  • Setting up your superannuation in an investment that is suited to your long term goals and attitude towards risk. You will likely be contributing to your super for quite a long time so it is important you treat this like any other asset of yours and manage it efficiently and effectively
  • Setting up your personal life insurances such as income protection insurance and life insurance to ensure your assets and hard earned income are protected and so that you can have the peace of mind that your long term goals and life style are not jeopardised by unforeseen circumstances. You will likely have several years or work ahead of you at this stage of your life therefore it is important to know what options you have to protect your income and assets from events that may stop your ability to earn an income and with it your ability to achieve your desired lifestyle or meet your commitments
  • Getting any surplus cash flow you have working for you through either investments or an effective savings plan
  • Budgeting and managing cash flow so that you can make the most out of your income stream and work towards saving for those financial goals that you have set for yourself
  • Managing your debt and structuring your debt in the most effective and cost efficient way
  • Managing/structuring your investments and earnings in the most tax effective way
  • If you are looking to finance any assets such as a car or home – ensuring you structure this in the best way and get the best rates on offer

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