SMSF Setup & Advice

At Wealthlife we are experts in the establishment, investment management and advice on Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF).

Whether you want to manage your own Superannuation investments, have an SMSF investment tailored for you or buy property through your Superannuation we can help you achieve your desired outcome and advise you whether this investment structure is suitable for you.

We can detail to you the benefits and costs of having your own SMSF and can also detail to you the options and opportunities they can offer as well as when they are best used by investors.

If your life insurances are structured through Superannuation we can also advise you on the best way to restructure these or assist you with moving these over to your SMSF if you decide to setup your Superannuation this way.

The SMSF sector is highly technical and complex which is why you need expert advisors who can assist you with every facet of SMSF investment structures and their compliance with Government regulations.

We are proud of the SMSF service and quality of advice we provide our clients. In conjunction with Kallinicos + Co, the accounting and taxation division of our financial group, we are a firm that will advise you and assist you in managing your SMSF in every way from:

  • SMSF Establishment
  • SMSF Investment
  • SMSF Management
  • Compliance and Regulation
  • Administration and Taxation

Our clients enjoy the fact that when they use our SMSF service they have one expert advisory organisation, dealing with all areas of their SMSF rather than having to deal with multiple advisers, in multiple areas in managing their SMSF, who’s advice and strategies may not be in sync with one another.

If it is establishing a SMSF or SMSF advice you would like, Wealthlife can help!


For more information on how these can benefit you or what this can mean for you contact us today for a FREE, no obligation consultation with one of our financial consultants!

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