Superannuation is not only a retirement savings mechanism but it is also an investment and effective way to save tax. For most people superannuation will be their largest asset when they retire. It is for these reasons that it is so important to properly manage and look after your super just as you would any other asset you invest in.

At Wealthlife we are experts in Superannuation. We understand the importance of Superannuation and can assist you with not only managing your Superannuation investments but also using Superannuation to minimise tax and maximise your retirement savings. We can show you what opportunities are available to you through Superannuation and can also demonstrate to you the benefits it can offer.

Generally there are two very important aspects of your Superannuation which you should give consideration to:

The Investment your Superannuation is placed in

When you consider the amount of years you will spend in the workforce and the fact that a compulsory percentage of your salary package or remuneration is contributed to your Superannuation, it is no surprise Superannuation will be most peoples greatest asset when they retire. Therefore it is imperative that this asset be invested and managed appropriately. We can assist by:

  • Tailoring a Superannuation investment that is strategically positioned for your appetite to risk and stage in life
  • Diversifying your Superannuation investment across a range of asset classes to minimise risk and smooth market fluctuations
  • Placing your Superannuation into an investment option that offers income and growth opportunities
  • Monitoring your investment and adapting your strategy as investment markets change and as your personal circumstances change

The structure and Superannuation strategies available to you

Superannuation is an extremely tax efficient environment and offers substantial tax minimisation opportunities for all ages. There are also various way and options for how you wish to structure your Superannuation as well.

Which tax minimisation options and structuring options are available or appropriate for you will depend on your personal circumstances. We can assist you with this by:

  • Showing you and structuring for you what superannuation strategies are available, how this can minimise tax and what sort of saving this can mean for you. Including superannuation contribution strategies, salary sacrifice strategies, transition to retirement strategies etc.
  • Assisting you with finding lost Super
  • Rolling over Superannuation and consolidating your Superannuation accounts to save on fees
  • Detailing and establishing for you, what superannuation structures are available and when and how these can be used including SMSF, flexible platforms that offer investment choice and direct equities, low cost platforms etc.
  • How and when you can access your superannuation and the most tax effective way to do this. Including commencing Pensions or lump sum withdrawals from your Superannuation
  • Setting up binding death nominations for your superannuation so that it passes to the beneficiaries you had intended it to
  • Structuring your Superannuation so that death benefit payments are maximised


For more information on how these can benefit you or what this can mean for you contact us today for a FREE, no obligation consultation with one of our financial consultants!

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